Mery Family Roots 

This page is intended for family members, friends and those interested in the Mery-Ellis genealogy. It is my attempt to summarize my DNA analysis and genealogical research over the last few years.


Most everyone is interested in their ancestry - after all we are all literally each formed by the apparently random combination of DNA segments inherited from each of our parents and grand parents, and the DNA they inherited from each of their parents and grandparents, and so on. Anyone interested in this will…

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Albert Lammich from Silesia to Chile 

My great great grandfather Albert Lammich was born March 2, 1830 in Bieskau, Leobschütz, Silesia - at the time this was one of two twin towns situated along the Troja river (the other being Deutsch Neukirch) - the towns were part of the kingdom of Prussia. The region was primarily populated by ethnic Germans with some Slavic and Jewish populations making up the rest of the citizens. The Lammich family had been in the region for centuries, as far back as the records go, well into the 17th century. Records…

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The Ellis Lamig Family of Los Angeles, Chile 


This page is in honor of my maternal grandfather Oscar Ellis Lamig, and his forebears. It is a project is for all of us descendants and is work in progress.


I have been researching my family genealogy over the past few years and have made fascinating and unexpected discoveries. I have also had numerous DNA ancestry-based tests completed that help reinforce and support the paper treasures discovered.

I only met my maternal grandfather once, and only for a few hours - how I wish I knew…

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Familia Ellis de Los Angeles, Chile (en Castellano) 



Esta página es en honor a mi abuelo materno Oscar Ellis Lamig y a sus antepasados. Este es un trabajo en desarrollo y dedicado a todos nosotros, sus descendientes.

Desde hace ya varios años he estado investigando la genealogía de mi familia y me he encontrado con fascinantes e inesperados descubrimientos. Todo esto complementado con numerosos estudios ADN de ancestro que ayudan a re enforzar y apoyar la documentación descubierta, documentos que son un verdadero tesoro.


Tuve la…

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Pereda Perez Family of Antequera 

Pereda Perez Family of Antequera, Spain

Maria Pereda Perez - Maternal Grandmother 


My maternal grandmother Maria Pereda Perez (born 1913, Los Angeles, Chile), is of Spanish (Andalusian) heritage. Both of her parents (Jose Miguel Pereda Fernandez b. 1878 and Maria Perez Gomez b. 1881)  were born in Antequera, Malaga and immigrated to Chile in the mid 19th century. 

My grandmother's father was recruited in Spain by the Chilean military to come to work as a sheetmetal fabricator in Los Angeles. The family…

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