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by John Mery

Released May 25, 2015
Cube Squared
Released May 25, 2015
Cube Squared
Solo classical guitar music from Argentine - featuring music from rural and urban areas. Includes tango favorites and other Argentine dances set for classical guitar. Album has received praise from numerous outlets including the magazine Soundboard
Review from the Guitar Foundation of America's Soundboard Magazine, Vol. 41, No. 3 2015
Works by Fleury, Gardel, Piana, Piazzolla and Guastavino. Cube Squared Records C2R-607, 2015
John Mery's Argentina is a beautiful traversal of music from that country. His selection cover styles from the most traditional - singer Carlos Gardel and bandeneonista Anibal Troilo - to more recent figures such as Piazzolla. Along the way we get fascinating sets of the works of Carlos Guastavino, undeservedly less well known than many other South American composers, and the fascinating Abel Fleury. Virtually every performance and every piece is a little gem. It certainly adds up to a first rate disc. Sound is very good but the liner notes are quite inadequate: more information on the pieces, composers, and sources would have been most welcome!

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